Summary and Map of Services

Welcome to the United Methodist Home for Children, a Board of Child Care program!

The United Methodist Home for Children (UMHC) was founded in 1917 by the Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Church (now the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church) as an orphanage. Each day, the Mechanicsburg campus serves children between the ages of 12-20 using a collaborative trauma-informed approach to care. UMHC contracts with the county, state and federal agencies to provide safe, residential care to youth and support services to their families.

On January 1, 2019 the United Methodist Home for Children (UMHC) and the Board of Child Care of the United Methodist Church (BCC) merged together. The two organizations share a history rooted in faith and driven by a passion for serving children and families.

Below is a list of programs offerred at UMHC.  Please click here to see the robust continuum of care BCC provides across the Mid-Atlantic

Community-Based Programs

“Strengthening Families”

Free Program for parents with children 10 to 14 years of age. This family-friendly prevention program is open to the public. It is designed to help parents improve their parenting skills, build life skills in pre-adolescents who are transitioning from elementary to middle school, and strengthen family bonds and relationships. Guidance counselors also refer parents when they see problems beginning at school.

To learn more about this program please visit our Make a Referral page to contact our staff

Residential Programs

UMHC’s Residential Program provides a safe, engaging and caring experience for children and youth ages 12-20 that inspires hope, resilience for the future, and stresses personal responsibility within an atmosphere of respect for both self and others. Family reunification starts at Admissions.

UMHC provides an Independent Living Preparation Program (ILPP) to youth in residence, foster care and the community. The ILPP program is a series of educational life skill sessions designed to enhance adolescent’s self-care management as they blossom into young adults with greater responsibilities.


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Board of Child Care

When, as a community, we make sure that everyone can reach their potential and fully contribute to our communities, we all benefit. Maximizing the potential of children, people who are our neighbors, our workforce, and our civic body ensures that our communities remain vibrant places to live, work, and play.

The map below showcases BCC”s full and robust continuum of care across the Mid-Atlantic.  Please click here to learn more about all of BCC’s programs.